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Welcome to Cutie Chronicles. This is my personal blog which serves to document my thoughts, ideas and experiences. 

Marie A. Wolfe is a 28 year old single woman with a wealth of experience that would be envied by most 40 year olds. 

Whether it be travel, work, relationships or any other facet of life, Marie has always taken each lesson in stride in hopes of becoming a better individual and passing on the knowledge.

Marie also doesn't like talking about herself so that'll be it for now.


Dirty Pick Up Lines For Girls

Today I will be sharing some dirty pick up lines for girls to use. Why? Because earlier I made a post about pick up line usage by guys and I mentioned that I d find some of them to be quite funny and interesting but definitely not appropriate as an opener. 

Today I was doing some internet trolling and came across the same site where they've added a list of pick up lines for girls and I admit they were pretty funny. So now, I will be listing the 15 best ones I saw in no particular order. 

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15 Facts About Me

  1. I'm a Cancer (I don't believe in horoscopes but I find the signs cool.)
  2. I am 28 years old. I will be 29 this year (2016).
  3. I have 2 undergrad degrees and currently working on my MSc. 
  4. I have no siblings - only child and loving it since birth. 
  5. My fear of having a child naturally or by C-Section has made me very open to adoption. 
  6. I like my men dark - like the young lady in the video below this post. 
  7. I like to look at women but I'm not sexually attracted to them in any way. So no, I wouldn't have a threesome. 
  8. I believe Vegeta to be the greatest character in anime history; and also the sexiest with his arrogant ass.
  9. I'm an ambivert. I'm generally introverted and reserved but ever so often I become a loud, attention seeking.. woman. 
  10. I lowkey judge people who have one night stands.
  11. I did cocaine once lol. I should write a post about that.
  12. I'm not a smoker myself but I find smoking such a cool thing to do. (or look at rather)
  13. I've been to four different countries: Japan, England, Germany and Australia. I should also do a post on other countries I want to visit or my previous experiences. In time..
  14. I was born and raised in Cali - between San Fran and San Jose. 
  15. The Lakers are my favourite sports team and Kobe is my favourite athlete. 

Why Use Pick Up Lines, Dirty Ones Especially..

Why do guys use sexual pick up lines to try and meet women? I understand trying to be witty and straightforward at the same time but it's just not cute; and here at Cutie Chronicles, I only do CUTE.

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