Dirty Pick Up Lines For Girls

Today I will be sharing some dirty pick up lines for girls to use. Why? Because earlier I made a post about pick up line usage by guys and I mentioned that I d find some of them to be quite funny and interesting but definitely not appropriate as an opener. 

Today I was doing some internet trolling and came across the same site where they've added a list of pick up lines for girls and I admit they were pretty funny. So now, I will be listing the 15 best ones I saw in no particular order. 

  1. I don't feel so good. I need a shot of penis-illin --> I know I said no order but this one might be my favorite. It is 100% genius. 
  2. You look like a hard worker. I have an opening. 
  3. My beaver is bored and wants to play, do you have any wood for my beaver today?
  4. Are you David Beckham? Because I'd bend for you.
  5. My batteries are dead, can I borrow your dick? 
  6. I can suck a golf ball thru 50 feet of garden hose source
  7. Aren't you the guy who gets fan mail from Ron Jeremy?
  8. Is your name Tom Brady? Cause you can inflate my uterus.
  9. Put a dollar bill on your head and when he asks what you did that for tell him its all you can eat for under a dollar.
  10. I could hear your cock talking and it just told me to blow you.... a kiss
  11. Nice package let me help unwrap that!
  12. Is your name Lionel?, cause your made my panties Messi.
  13. I want your flesh rocket in my hot pocket
  14. Do these feel real to you?
  15. My body only has 206 bones but I need another.

Some pretty good ones in there huh? I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did!

Until next time!

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